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Texas' #1 Christmas Store

We went to Texas' #1 Christmas Store on Sunday!
It will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit as soon as you walk through the doors, if you're not already. There is SO much stuff to look at that I'm not even sure that I saw it all.

Our Most Meaningful Family Pictures

Each year we take family pictures sometime right before the holidays. But I bring a special meaning behind these photos just because I take them myself, with the help of a tripod, each and every year. This year was a little different, and it brought so much more meaning to these photos.

Why I Decorate for Christmas Early

I know Halloween was just a couple days ago but me packing up my Halloween decor has got me itching to bring down my Christmas decor. It doesn't help my case that all the retail stores are blasting Christmas music and have their shelves fully stocked with all things Christmas.

Happy Halloween, 2019

I hope each and everyone of you had an amazing Halloween!
I'm so upset that I couldn't take the kids trick or treating this year, but they had a blast.

Currently... October Round Up

My oh my, here we are at the end of October.
This month flew by! Who am I kidding, this whole year has flown by.
I decided that today would be the perfect time to do a round up of what is currently happening in life.