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DIY Distressed Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

Tuesday was a craft day for me and it was so relieving.
I used to be so much into crafting and then I lost touch from it for a while.
It feels so good to be back into it, especially around the holidays.

Easy Christmas Stocking Name Tags

Yesterday was full of crafting and I got quite a few projects done. 
But let me tell you about these long awaited stocking name tags... I have been wanting to do these since last Christmas and I FINALLY got them done! I’m so in love with them!

DIY Essential Oil Roller Blends

I have known about essential oils for a while but little did I know that they are so much more than just diffusing them in a diffuser.
Once I started mixing oils together to diffuse, I wanted to dive on in and create my first roller ball blends. So that’s exactly what I did.

Getting Started with Young Living

I have always been that girl that had wall plugins in just about every outlet throughout our home, candles burning in just about every room... until now. I got rid of all my wall plugins, sold my wax warmers and made the switch!
I recently found out how horrible those things are for you and for you to be breathing them in. So I made the switch over to essential oils. But not just any oils, Young Living essential oils.

Walmart Christmas Wreath Update

I have had this wreath from Walmart for about 7 years now and it was time to update it to match our current decor. It needed a major facelift!