Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Each and every Christmas season consists of taking a stroll around random neighborhoods in the car looking at all the houses decked out in Christmas decor.
I decided to change it up a little this year and incorporate a challenge for the kids/our family!

I bought my Dream Jeep Wrangler!

June 2020 would mark being in the Jeep community for 3 years, and my what a crazy 3 years it will be. I started in the Jeep community with not your “average” Jeep (my Jeep Patriot, Louise), and that I am so thankful for! It has made me appreciate my new Jeep Wrangler that much more!

Why Christmas Traditions Are Important

Whether it's traditions my husband and I used to do as kids or traditions that we have started with our kids, it makes the Holidays that much sweeter!

Easy Do It Yourself All Purpose Thieves Cleaner

It’s that time of the year where germs and sickness is all around, and by gosh, I’m doing everything in my power of keeping that out of my home for not only myself but my kids and Michael as well! 
This is part of the reason I made the switch to essential oils.

Sunday Funday

We had a nice relaxing girls weekend, and it was very much needed!

DIY Distressed Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

Tuesday was a craft day for me and it was so relieving.
I used to be so much into crafting and then I lost touch from it for a while.
It feels so good to be back into it, especially around the holidays.

Easy Christmas Stocking Name Tags

Yesterday was full of crafting and I got quite a few projects done. 
But let me tell you about these long awaited stocking name tags... I have been wanting to do these since last Christmas and I FINALLY got them done! I’m so in love with them!

DIY Essential Oil Roller Blends

I have known about essential oils for a while but little did I know that they are so much more than just diffusing them in a diffuser.
Once I started mixing oils together to diffuse, I wanted to dive on in and create my first roller ball blends. So that’s exactly what I did.

Getting Started with Young Living

I have always been that girl that had wall plugins in just about every outlet throughout our home, candles burning in just about every room... until now. I got rid of all my wall plugins, sold my wax warmers and made the switch!
I recently found out how horrible those things are for you and for you to be breathing them in. So I made the switch over to essential oils. But not just any oils, Young Living essential oils.

Walmart Christmas Wreath Update

I have had this wreath from Walmart for about 7 years now and it was time to update it to match our current decor. It needed a major facelift!

Texas' #1 Christmas Store

We went to Texas' #1 Christmas Store on Sunday!
It will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit as soon as you walk through the doors, if you're not already. There is SO much stuff to look at that I'm not even sure that I saw it all.

Our Most Meaningful Family Pictures

Each year we take family pictures sometime right before the holidays. But I bring a special meaning behind these photos just because I take them myself, with the help of a tripod, each and every year. This year was a little different, and it brought so much more meaning to these photos.

Why I Decorate for Christmas Early

I know Halloween was just a couple days ago but me packing up my Halloween decor has got me itching to bring down my Christmas decor. It doesn't help my case that all the retail stores are blasting Christmas music and have their shelves fully stocked with all things Christmas.

Happy Halloween, 2019

I hope each and everyone of you had an amazing Halloween!
I'm so upset that I couldn't take the kids trick or treating this year, but they had a blast.

Currently... October Round Up

My oh my, here we are at the end of October.
This month flew by! Who am I kidding, this whole year has flown by.
I decided that today would be the perfect time to do a round up of what is currently happening in life.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor from Walmart

Ok, have y'all been to your local Walmart lately? If not, you NEED to go! They are putting out some of the best Farmhouse Christmas decor this year and most of their things are reasonably priced. I am literally blown away! I have a feeling these items are going to go fast.

Tossing My Candles and Wall Plug Ins

I admit, I am that girl that who was absolutely obsessed with scented candles. Just about every chance I got I was buying different scents, especially around the holiday season. This has now all stopped since recently finding out how bad it all is for my family.

Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm - Midlothian, Tx

If you are looking for a great pumpkin patch to take the whole family to, I highly recommend Shadow Creek Pumpkin Patch!

Silobration at Magnolia Market - Waco, Tx

This past weekend was so busy but was jam packed full of fun and family activities!
What I thought would be a normal football game day ended up my dream day.

Visiting the State Fair of Texas

To start off we haven’t been to the State Fair of Texas in about 7 years. That last time was a complete disaster and Michael said we would never go again because it was packed. To say the least, it was a last minute decision and we were oblivious that it was the day of the TX VS OU game. We were shoulder to shoulder with people and trying to navigate a stroller through the crowd was overwhelming. BUT we finally went back this year!

DIY Stamped Book Sets

If you lose track of time scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, I’m pretty certain that you have seen these gorgeous Stamped Books and always have wondered how they make them or just want some yourself. I think these are gorgeous and would definitely make a great gift or personalized decor piece inside of your own home.

Weekend Full of Football (& Birthdays!)

This past weekend was jammed packed and to be honest, I’m glad it’s over. It was just too busy. We really did enjoy everything while doing it but it took us a couple of days to bounce back from all of it. So a little recap on our weekend.


I have barely recovered from all Friday and Saturday Homecoming festivities and here it is Wednesday. I think not feeling well with horrible allergies all last week took a lot out of me as well. But we made the best of it and the kids enjoyed it so much. Living in a small town is just so much fun!

31 Nights of Halloween Movies (Family Friendly!)

It is officially October y'all.
Hello October!
Let the Halloween movies commence.

Fall Bucket List

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The weather is perfect, the leaves are gorgeous, and it's the perfect time to snuggle up around a campfire. I made a fall bucket list to share with you some of the most wonderful things to do this season!

Halloween Tiered Tray

I have never been much of a person to decorate for Halloween but the cutest stuff hit the Target Dollar Spot section this year and I just couldn't say no.
Can't I just tell my husband "Target made me do it!"?

Easiest Fall Wreath Under $15

I have an outdated burlap fall wreath that I put together about 6 years ago, so it was finally time to upgrade it. What a better way to do that, than on a budget! The supplies that I bought all came under $15, so that was a HUGE win.

What I've Been Up To...

Just when I didn't think we could get any busier around here, it definitely did.

My Favorite Amazon Fall Finds

I’ve been on the hunt for some adorable fall decor that just completes my theme that I have going this year and stumbled upon these on Amazon!

Lazy Lasagna

I’m all about easy dinners these days, especially on football practice nights! This recipe is a new favorite of ours.

Updating my Tiered Tray with Fall

It sure doesn’t feel like fall time here in Texas with our 100 degree days still longing, but I busted out all my fall decor on Monday because I just couldn’t wait any longer! With that being said, it was time to update my tiered tray as well!

Headed to the State Fair of Texas Rodeo on Saturday night

After Rylan’s game on Saturday we made plans to go to the State Fair of Texas Rodeo. It was packed with information about some of the greatest bull and bronc riders, great entertainment, and the kids got to meet and get some autographs from some barrel racers and bull fighters at the end!

Rylan's 1st EVER Football Game

Rylan had his 1st ever football game this past Saturday, August 24th!
They played an awesome game but unfortunately they didn't bring home a win.

Michaels BOGO Free Fall Decor!

I have been stuck in the house all week to get caught up on housework and primarily help get the kids into the swing of the morning routine since it was their first full week back to school, so today I HAD to get out of the house!

I wanted to go check out all the Fall and Halloween decor some of the stores had out already and I even grabbed a couple things for myself! I found an AMAZING deal at Michaels for BOGO FREE on their Fall Decor and Floral. Check it out!

Tiered Tray Update - Farmhouse Style

Summer is officially over for our house and school is in session. That only means one thing, time to update the tiered tray one last time before Fall season.

Meet the Teacher Night

Well last night we met the kid’s teachers for this upcoming school year and they are so excited about starting school on Thursday now!

Survived our 1st week as Football Parents

If someone told me it was all fun and games being a football mom, or any sport mom for that matter, I would literally laugh at them!

This is our first year signing up one of our kids up for a sport and man oh man is it exhausting, and to think that we haven't even started spending our Saturdays traveling to different football fields for games.
Y'all it's only been 1 WEEK! (AKA 3 nights of practice)

Floating the Brazos River

It has been a busy couple days for our household so I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and do a life update and tell y’all how our floating trip went! It was definitely a great time!

Gearing Up to Float the River

This coming weekend we are going to be floating the Brazos River with some of our great friends, the Halls. Adult day with no kids and relaxation is calling our names! Plus, it's always a good time with them!

DIY Farmhouse Beaded Garland

I have been dying to get my hands on a strand of Farmhouse Beaded Garland but I wasn’t going to pay $20+ for some! So I took the plunge and went for it! For under $10 for 1 strand, I made my own. I decided to make step by step instructions for YOU to make your own as well!

Target Dollar Spot Haul - Ice Cream Decor

This Ice Cream Decor is the perfect addition to any home on these hot summer days!

I got my first tiered tray!

I have been wanting a tiered tray for a while and now I can finally say, I HAVE ONE!

A Secret Spot - Glen Rose, TX

I’ve always heard about this beautiful spot right off a river in Glen Rose but have never been, I can now check that off my bucket list!

Laps Around the Race Track - TMS

I took off work for this Jeep event this year and I’m so glad that I did! It was our first year and it definitely won’t be our last!

4th of July Parade with Ellis County Jeeps

This is the 2nd year in a row that I've had to work the night shift on the 4th of July. I wasn't going to let that stop me though!
We were going to join Ellis County Jeeps in a local 4th of July parade, and I was so excited!

Sunflowers, Sunsets, and Silos

About a week ago our friends over at Jeep Around Texas, Crystal and Nathan, posted pictures of these beautiful sunflower fields and I just had to go see them! I absolutely love sunflowers!

What no one tells you about co-parenting...

Co-parenting has been the hardest thing EVER!
There is tons of ups and downs and bumps along the way.

Weekend Wrap Up - June 29th & 30th

It was a busy weekend for us, hence to me just getting around to posting this. 
From a 4th of July parade, attending a wedding, and seeing Toy Story 4. It was fun, but exhausting.

A Day at the Zoo

Since Rylan has been at his dad's the past few weeks I wanted to take some time to spend with Kyleigh and have a mommy and me day. We skipped daycare, and went to the Zoo.

Wheeling at Hidden Falls Adventure Park

We spent our Saturday testing the Cherokee's limits out at Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX!