End of the school year awards

Tuesday, Rylan and Kyleigh had their end of the school year awards ceremony and I'm so glad that I was off work that day and able to go!

This week was the kids last week of school. Friday was the last day of me having a Pre-Kindergartener and a 2nd Grader! My oh my, they're getting so big and I am so proud of them!

I went to Kyleigh's awards ceremony Tuesday morning. After the awards ceremony I signed Kyleigh out of school early and we went home and spent some time together and went and had lunch at Whataburger before going to Rylan's awards at 2pm.

Kyleigh and I arrived and watched him get his awards, went back to his classroom, and signed him out of school early too. We headed back home and had an afternoon full of fun!

We decided to wash my Jeep (let's face it, it was well over due!) and the kids insisted on helping!

After washing and drying the Jeep, Rylan wanted to play baseball. He rounded up his bat, glove, and baseball. He absolutely loves doing this! We played until Michael got home and we went inside to start cooking dinner.

It ended up being a fun and awesome day, spent with the kids in the best ways!

We are so excited about summer! I can't wait to share some of our adventures with y'all!

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