How we spent Mother's Day...

Mother's day was a little different this year, since we were arriving back home from our camping trip around 11 am that day.

After arriving back home and getting everything unpacked out of the Jeep, we just relaxed and it was the best! We had a blast camping, but being back in our house and sitting down on the couch was so nice.
Read more about our camping trip here.

After relaxing for a bit, Michael asked if I wanted to go to Starbucks. 
I mean how could I say no to that?! After all, we did need some mom and dad fuel! ha
So we loaded up in Michael's Cherokee and we were on our way to Starbucks!

We got to Starbucks, the kids and I got our Mocha Cookie Crumble (of course the kids without the coffee!) and Michael got his usual Iced Coffee.

We sat down and enjoyed our drinks.
We started discussing what we were going to do for the rest of the day, since we were already out of the house.

I came up with the bright idea of going to the Mockingbird Nature Park here in Midlothian. 
I say BRIGHT IDEA sarcastically. 

When we arrived it was so pretty and sunny outside. It was literally the perfect day to take a nice long walk around the nature park, or so we thought!

We started heading towards the entrance and a lady with her kids stopped us and let us know that the part of the trail we were headed to was really muddy. I obviously forgot about us getting around 14 hours of off and on rain the day before while we were camping.

We turned around and went down the middle trail where a lot of it was grass covered. We got past the pond and only encountered a few muddy spots on the way there. We got to the back of the trail were there is a cool wooden bridge/walkway surrounded by trees that goes over a few streams. It's so peaceful on that part.

Again, we forgot about the mud.

We ventured our way thru some mud puddles and then it just kept getting worse. The mud was a lot more deep than we expected and soon enough we were covered up to our ankles in mud. Both Rylan and Michael had socks and crocs on, I had slides on, and Kyleigh had boots on.

We finally made it to the wooden bridge, after all that glorious mud. Thank goodness we just had all that rain because the water streams were really flowing.

Michael, Rylan, and I were able to stop and clean off some of the mud in the flowing water. If another group of people walked up on us while we were cleaning off the mud they would have thought we were crazy! We looked like a hot mess express let me tell you! 
We didn't think about having to go back thru the mud on our way back thru, so there's that. (We were obviously really wore out from our camping trip!)

Got back thru the mud on our way back thru just as muddy as before. 
(Note to self: do not go to the nature park after a lot of rain)

We made our way to the pond to wash off again. This time we knew we weren't going to run into anymore mud on the way back to the car so we had to get all of the mud off for once and for all. Walking in mud covered feet and slides was "fun". I kept slipping and sliding. I just knew I was going to hurt myself on the way there. We washed up and was ready to be back in the Cherokee after our great muddy adventure! 

Eventually, WE MADE IT!

We loaded up and knew that called for a nice long drive down back roads with the windows down and radio blaring! This is one of my favorite things to do. Michael and I used to do it all the time when we were dating!

After taking our drive we took the kids to the park (a regular park!) and eventually bribed them into leaving there to go eat dinner at Golden Chick.

It was a mess of a Mother's Day, literally, but filled with laughter and adventure. I loved every minute of it!

I hope all the mother's out there had an amazing day!
I'll catch y'all soon!

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