Memorial Day Weekend

This post is a little late but we had quite an eventful weekend for Memorial day; including swimming for the kids, getting our new Toxic Offroad wheels mounted, offroading, spending time with Michael's family, trying out a pizza place for the first time, and blowing a tire on the Cherokee on the way home.

After getting off work Saturday morning, I hurried home and showered and got ready. We left the house, grabbed breakfast burritos and drinks and off we went to go get Michael's Toxic Offroad wheels mounted on his Cherokee.

Michael was on call with his job the whole weekend.

In between checking a few job sites he decided to go ahead and break in the new wheels. We went down an incline into a rushing creek. Let's face it, it was definitely nerve racking and I didn't get any pictures or videos. At one point I thought we were going to have water coming in through the doors! Coming back up the incline to get out of the creek was crazy! All we could see was sky!

Sunday morning we went to Starbucks to grab some drinks and go check Michael's job sites and then ate lunch over at his parent's house. They even got the kids a little pool to swim in after lunch!
They had a blast!

Sunday we went a little "trail exploring" and finished checking a few other job sites. We had so many pine needles in the Cherokee after that we made our way to the carwash. Washed up the Jeep and vacuumed it!

All that work called for dinner!
There's a pizza place in town, Mod Pizza, we haven't checked out yet but we've heard good things about it! Although it didn't beat our favorite place in Maypearl, TX- Lonestar Pizzeria, it was pretty good and the set up inside was pretty cool! We started out sitting outside on the patio and the flys were swarming so we moved inside.
By the way, their Black Berry Lemonade is DELICIOUS!

We had a nice dinner, grabbed 2 Red Box movies, and started home. We were literally 5 minutes from the house when Michael ran over something in the middle of the road that he didn't see and punctured the back passenger side tire causing it to blow out.
We immediately pulled down the next street and sure enough there was a huge hole in it and deflated completely. Thank goodness Michael just got in a Hi-Lift Jack in just the week before or we would have been without a jack!

Michael walked back down to road to see if he could find what we ran over because whatever it was not only punctured and ruined the tire, it also put some pretty big dings and scratches on the back passenger door and the fender. He didn't find anything! So weird!!

We ended that night and went to sleep early after going through all of that chaos.

Monday we stumbled upon a huge pile of rocks and Michael just had to put the Cherokee to the test!

The rest of the day was relaxing after the eventful weekend!

We are so thankful for all our service men and women who gave it all so we can have the life that we do.

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