Our 1st camping trip as a family!

We went camping for the first time as a family Mother's day weekend, and it was a blast even though it rained!

We spent the weekend at Bardwell Lake tent camping. We camped at High View park from Friday night, 5/10, until Sunday, 5/12.

We headed to the lake as soon as Michael got off work and we loaded up the Jeep. Michael's parents ended up picking up the kids from daycare and got there a little before us. Thank goodness they picked them up because our Jeep was packed! Lol

When we finally arrived it was a little after 6pm. As soon as we got there we set up the tent and just relaxed before starting dinner. We had steak, cheese corn, and salad for dinner! (Yum!)

After eating dinner the kids begged for S'mores. Michael got the fire going and we all had S'mores for our dessert. 

After that, we just sat around the fire talking and enjoying music. 

Our night ended around 10pm that night. The kids were wore out and the rain storms were about to start rolling in. 

We bundled up and were prepared to possibly have to head to Michael's parents camper if things got too bad that night. Mostly because we weren't sure how the tent would hold up throughout the night with all the rain that we were expecting to get. 

It rained that night from about 11pm all the way until almost 2pm on Saturday. So we stayed inside the camper until the rain subsided. While it was raining Michael headed back to our house to take care of the dogs. 

Just a little while after he got back the rain went away and we finally were able to go outside and enjoy it. Michael and the kids were able to fish (but didn't catch anything). We had homemade Strawberry ice cream for an afternoon snack. While waiting on the pork chops to finish for dinner, we played Cornhole and Kyleigh and I won! 

We had dinner around 7pm and made s'mores again for dessert!

The water at the lake had been up 11 feet when we got there on Friday. The park managers told us that if it rised too much more that they may have to turn off the electricity and we would have to leave. The water continued to rise throughout Saturday because of the 14ish hours we got rain, but we made the best of it.

We went to sleep around 11pm on Saturday night and woke up around 8am on Sunday. 

It was such a beautiful morning! Only if Saturday could have been that beautiful! 

We woke up to the lake almost at our water spiket and just 2 campsites down from us had to move because their campsite was under water!! Crazyness!!

We did a little more fishing after we had an amazing breakfast that morning since it was our last day.

We started taking down the tent and packing up everything. Man that took AWHILE!

We were ready to head out just a little after 11am.

Not even 10 minutes down the road the kids passed out in the back seat. 

We had a blast despite all the rain we had, AND we stayed dry! So shout out to Magellan for making an awesome tent to keep us dry! We definitely can't wait to do it again!!

Hopefully next time it wont rain! Lol

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