Target Dollar Spot Planter/Stand & planting my new succulents!

On Saturday we stopped by Target, and of course I just had to stop at the Target Dollar Spot to see what they had! 

I found this adorable planter & plant stand both for just $8! I just love the "farmhouse" feel they both give off!

These two items were in with their gardening/plant items! They had 3 different colors of the planter (white, black, and dark gray) and several pattern options for the ceramic plant holder! I actually wanted the black planter but they only had 1 left and it had a really big chip on it (just my luck!), so I regretfully had to leave that one behind.

The planter came out to be $5 and the ceramic plant holder was $3. Which in my opinion it isn't a bad price for a cute accent for a plant and new addition to any room.

As soon as I found and purchased these 2 items, we headed over to the Home Depot to pick out some Succulents. Let's face it, I am no green thumb when it comes to plants and can never keep them alive. Actually the last time I had succulents I killed them because I over watered them. But, I wanted to give it another try, because I just love the look of succulents! The reason why I have a ton of fake ones scattered around the house!

I ended up getting 2 succulents, with the idea to put them both in the same planter but I ended up getting home and realizing that they were going to be too crowded if I did that, so I grabbed an old galvanized planter I had just laying around the house for the other one.

After realizing that I over watered my last succulents, I realized that I had no drain holes in my previous planters (I know, that was my first problem!) So in the white planter it already had a big drain hole in the bottom, and I drilled 3 small holes in the galvanized one. 

I've also heard that for extra drainage you can put pebbles at the bottom to help as well. I ended up putting about 1 inch of pebbles in the bottom of each planter covered with some potting soil before planting the succulent.

Next I removed the succulents from the plastic planter, and set inside their new "homes" and filled in with potting soil around them.

They both turned out so beautiful!

Now to hopefully keeping them alive!!
If you personally have any tips or tricks of having succulents, leave them in the comments below!
I would definitely love to hear them!

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