A Day at the Zoo

Since Rylan has been at his dad's the past few weeks I wanted to take some time to spend with Kyleigh and have a mommy and me day. We skipped daycare, and went to the Zoo.

It's been a while since we've been to the zoo. In fact, I think Kyleigh was 2 or 3 years old the last time we went. So I wanted to make this special for her and surprise her. I didn't give her any clues just that it was a surprise. 

Monday morning we slept in a bit and skipped daycare. We woke up at 8am and got ready. 
We wish that Michael was able to come with us too but he had to work. 
We left the house and got donuts to-go. We were Dallas Zoo bound now!

Kyleigh kept asking me the whole way there on where we were going and if we were almost there.

I can tell you that as soon as she saw the big giraffe statue, she knew exactly where we were! I mean that statue is pretty iconic!
We arrived at the zoo just a little before 10am.

The weather that morning was kind of gloomy from the crazy storms we had the night before, so I was a little worried on how it would be throughout the day but it turned out to be such a beautiful day!

Kyleigh enjoyed every single bit of the zoo! We even got to see the Dinosaur part this time! Last time we went they announced that the would be adding this part to the Zoo. It was really neat.

I asked Kyleigh what her favorite part was at the end of our visit and she told me "everything!".
It didn't take her very long down the road to fall asleep, she was wore out!

Check our Zoo Vlog out here!

 We can't wait for more summer adventures! What has everyone been up to this summer so far?

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