Camping at Loyd Park

Camping has become one of our favorite things to do as a family and we can't wait to do it again!

We have loved being able to camp this year, we may change our minds when it's 100° plus outside camping in a tent, but we're going to try and take it all in before that happens.

I had to work Friday night, so Michael, Kyleigh, and Michael's parents loaded everything up and headed out to the campsite that evening to get set up and stay the night. 
We had reservations from Friday night thru Saturday night and check out was on Sunday.

They got the tent and campsite all set up, had burgers for dinner, and called it a night.

Saturday morning I got off at 7am, went home to let the dogs out and take care of them, pack a bag, and I was on my way to the lake!

I was so ready for an enjoyable and relaxing weekend!

When I arrived they were cooking breakfast, so I made myself a big cup of coffee.

We had eggs, toast, bacon, and eggs for breakfast and man was it good! We had to bribe Kyleigh to eat some eggs, toast, and bacon in order for her to have some powdered doughnuts.

After breakfast we all loaded up in the Patriot and wanted to go look at some of the other campsites for next time and go look at their swimming area.

We drove around the whole park and made it to the swimming area. Kyleigh was dying to go swimming so Michael and her went swimming while the rest of us relaxed and watched.

They even played in the sand!

After swimming, we took Kyleigh over to the playground for a bit and then loaded back up and went back to the campsite. We had sandwiches and chips for lunch. Simple and quick lunch for the win!

We ended up putting our hammocks up after eating lunch and just hung out for a while and relaxed, until Kyleigh got bored.

We went swimming again while Michael's parents took a nap until dinner time, came back and had chicken, cheese corn, baked potatoes, and salad.

When it got dark we made a fire, enjoyed some s'mores, and listened to music. 

We went to sleep around 11pm Saturday night and got abruptly wakened  around 3am by rain coming thru the netting on top of the tent. I woke Michael up and we put the covering back on the tent. Soon enough, it came a down pour and was lightening like crazy!

It finally stopped raining by the time we woke up. 

We had a quick breakfast and started packing up.

Everything had sand all over it so packing up Sunday morning to go home took a little longer than usual. We were trying to clean stuff up before packing it up.

We finally got everything together and we were home bound.

Our campsite was beautiful and we were very impressed with Loyd Park on Joe Pool lake. 
We can't wait to go camping again!
In the mean time check out our VLOG from this camping trip!

We have a very eventful Saturday coming up filled with Jeeps, so y'all stay tuned!!

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