Dinner Night at the Lake

We loaded up the Jeep and headed out to go pick up the kids from daycare. They knew we were going somewhere, but had no clue where!

We got this "Dinner Night at the Lake" idea from our sweet friends over at Hall Around Texas so it was only appropriate to send a text and see if they would like to join us, and we're so glad they did! Go check them out as well!

As soon as the kids got in the Jeep they were curious where we were going. They saw chairs, fishing poles, a tackle box, swim floats, and a cooler.

They really started questioning us when we took the "wrong way home".

We kept telling them we were headed to go get pizza. Which wasn't a complete lie. But they knew we usually go to our favorite pizza place to go get pizza and that was not the way we were going.

We made our first stop at Little Caesars to grab pizza and Crazy Bread. Yum!

While I was inside waiting on our pizza Michael texted me asking if we wanted to go get worms for fishing. So after I got our pizza and bread sticks we headed to Walmart to get worms. We told the kids we were going to get Sour Worms for dessert.

By this time, they were so confused!

We finally made it to the one spot where the road Y's off and immediately Rylan knew where we were going. He shouted, "We're going to the lake! See, I knew it!"

We unloaded everything, set up our chairs, and started enjoying our pizza. Rylan and Kyleigh had one piece of pizza and a bread stick and didn't waste any time getting to go swimming!

It was such a beautiful evening!

At this point, Rylan and Kyleigh still had no clue that we would have our friends join us, but when they did, they were so happy and surprised!

They swam and played in the water until their toes and finger tips looked like "old peoples" - in Kyleigh's words.

We hung out, talked, listened to music, and just watched the kids play. Michael and Nathan even got to do a little fishing. I didn't have the chance to get pictures of them fishing, because let's face it, us mommas have to watch the kiddos! Lol

The sun started to go down and it made for the prettiest sky! Texas does have the best sunsets, but we may be a little biased!

We decided to take a group picture before it got too dark, Kyleigh was not having it so she set this picture out, but it turned out to be an awesome picture!

We had the best time, and this will definitely be a regular for us now!
We enjoyed the night with our friends and can't wait to do it again!

We packed up, said our "see you soons", and were home bound!
After that eventful evening, we were ready for bed!

Take time to make memories, and enjoy the little things in life.
We are truly blessed!

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