Root Beer Floats for Dessert - yum!

I haven't had a Root Beer Float in a long time, and Tuesday night after having tacos, they just sounded AMAZING!

How can a Root Beer Float not sound good on a Texas Summer night?

Something about the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and A&W Root Beer mixed up in a glass Mason jar just sounds refreshing!

Perfect dessert for the kids and adults to enjoy!

• A&W Root Beer
• Vanilla Ice Cream

We gathered all of our ingredients and made our way to the front porch to make our floats.

To make the perfect Root Beer Float you will need only the BEST ingredients.

A&W Root Beer is a must! We're not much of a soda family so we just got a 2 liter of it.

The second ingredient is Ice Cream. We went with only the best, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. You can get this at pretty much any local grocery store.

I didn't think about "chilling" the Mason jars in the freezer before hand, but I will definitely do this next time.

Now, carefully add 2-3 scoops of Blue Bell ice cream to each jar.

Once the Ice Cream is scooped in the jars, slowly start pouring the A&W root beer to them. When the foam reaches the top of the glass, stop pouring, add a straw, and enjoy!

Rylan and Kyleigh slurped theirs down. So we just topped off the left over ice cream with more Root Beer. They enjoyed them as you can see!

Here's to having an amazing Summer with many more yummy treats to come!

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