The easiest homemade popsicles that the kids will love!

I've been trying to make a nice treat for the kids each week since they've been released for summer.

This has been the easiest so far,
and the kids LOVED it!

All it takes to make these delicious popsicles is a 
Kool-Aid packet (pick your favorite flavor), sugar, water, a pitcher, spoon, and a plastic popsicle mold (I got mine for under $1 at Walmart).

Follow the measurements and directions on the back of the Kool-Aid packet exactly as written.

Add the Kool-Aid powder and sugar to the water, then stir!

It's time to pour the Kool-Aid in the popsicle mold!
Almost done.

Now that you have it poured, you'll stick the popsicle handles back onto the top of the mold, pop the filled mold into the freezer for a couple hours until they are completely frozen, AND ENJOY!
It's that easy!

TIP: Run hot water over the mold to loosen the popsicles from the mold for easier removal.

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