Laps Around the Race Track - TMS

I took off work for this Jeep event this year and I’m so glad that I did! It was our first year and it definitely won’t be our last!

Baa Baa Black Jeep (AKA John Kistner) puts on and organizes this event each year. Jeep night at Texas Motor Speedway for all the Jeepers to do a couple lapsaround the track in their Jeeps. It has grown more and more each year from what I’ve heard! 

They had freebies from Discount Tire, bottled water they were handing out (because this Texas heat is no joke!), and we even got to enter into some giveaways for some neat prizes they were giving away before the actual laps took place! 

We won a little goodie bag from Jepr which was pretty cool. It came with a T-shirt, decals, and a few other things. 

After they drew all the numbers for the giveaways, theTexas Motor Speedway staff went over some race track rules with everyone really quick and it was time to line up and head in field!

Jeeps lined up one behind another and paraded to the tunnel and out into the in-field. I managed to snap afew pictures before we actually took place on the track.

They let 50 Jeeps go around the track at a time. We were part of the first group able to do the laps and it was so much fun!

Let me tell you this, the incline on the race track is so much steeper than what you think! I don’t see how these drivers race around the track at that incline going 100+ MPH! 

Some of our group ended up doing an extra lap on accident, or was it? Lol All jokes aside we didn’t see some of the Jeeps exiting to pit road and we were goingtoo fast and ended up passing it up. OOPS!

After we stacked in to Pit Road we waited for the other Jeeps to make their rounds around the track.

It looks like you are going so much slower on camera than what you actually are! I think we ended up getting up to speeds of 60-65 MPH.

After everyone completed the laps we ended up having 5 rows of Jeeps lined up in Pit Road! How crazy it that!! 

We exited the track and went to the lit up American flag on the back side of the big screen to snap some pictures of the Jeeps and grab some Whataburger afterwards with some of our friends!

All in all, John put on an awesome event and it was definitely something that we will be doing each year! I hope y’all had an amazing weekend like we did!

The video from this event:

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