Sunflowers, Sunsets, and Silos

About a week ago our friends over at Jeep Around Texas, Crystal and Nathan, posted pictures of these beautiful sunflower fields and I just had to go see them! I absolutely love sunflowers!

 I asked Crystal where they were located and we just made an evening of going to the fields on Monday.

We first grabbed dinner at Taco Cabana and Crystal and Nate met us there, that way we could follow them out there. I am just loving all of our adventures together!

Talk about such a scenic drive.
Farm fields upon fields is what we saw.

It is getting so close to harvesting them, so we may have caught them right in time! 
The sun was reaching the horizon slowly but surely and it was breathtaking.
We ended up going to two separate Sunflower fields, not too far away from eachother.

On the way to the sunflowers Crystal and I spotted two Silos that had a road going alongside them. Talk about the perfect spot for us to grab some pictures! I'm telling you, Crystal and I have an eye for photography and we always have our eyes open for some beautiful shots! I mean were basically the same person.

Any how, we snapped some pictures and low and behold there was a farmer on a tractor in the field right beside the silos. The farmer finished up mowing, parked his tractor, and got out. Nate walked over to him and started making conversation with him and just letting him know that we were taking pictures, just to ease his mind.
We went our separate ways with the farmer and decided to grab a shake at Steak and Shake not too far down the road. That shake was the best! I've never been there, surprisingly.

We said our goodbyes to our friends and were home bound. I can't wait until our next adventure!
Is there something that you enjoy?

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