Weekend Wrap Up - June 29th & 30th

It was a busy weekend for us, hence to me just getting around to posting this. 
From a 4th of July parade, attending a wedding, and seeing Toy Story 4. It was fun, but exhausting.

I worked Friday night, so I got off work Saturday morning at 7am. I rushed home and got ready.

Midlothian, Michael and I's hometown, was having their annual 4th of July parade at 10am. We ended up meeting Michael's sister there and watched the parade with her and our adorable nephew, Silas.

We left the parade after it was finished and grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-a with them.

Michael took me home to get a couple hours of sleep before his cousin's wedding that same night at 5:30pm. While I was napping, Michael and Kyleigh went to Michael's nannies and replaced her broken side mirror on her car.

I slept until 4pm and then we all got ready. We were wedding bound now!
But first, we had to take some pictures.
I swear we have to account for time to take pictures before we leave to go just about anywhere, sorry but not sorry!

Justin and Katie's wedding was absolutely beautiful! Congrats to the both of them!!
Their wedding ceremony ended just in time because there was some crazy storms headed our way. Thank goodness it held off and the reception was inside!

We left a little early because I was tired and Kyleigh was starting to get restless herself.

We got back home, watched a movie on Netflix, and called it a night.

Sunday morning, I slept in while Michael was cooking a ham. I think I slept until almost 11am. I needed that sleep! I got up, had a cup of coffee, we all got ready, and we went to the movies. I wont spoil Toy Story 4 for those that haven't seen it. But it was good, just was a little different than what I expected. That's all I will say! The day ended with dinner, snow cones, and the park afterwards.

Overall, it was a great weekend!
What did you do?

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