Gearing Up to Float the River

This coming weekend we are going to be floating the Brazos River with some of our great friends, the Halls. Adult day with no kids and relaxation is calling our names! Plus, it's always a good time with them!

Floating the river on a tube is VERY popular here in Texas!
Nothing like cooling off, relaxing, and having fun in the sun!
But I will be truthful, this will be my first time. I'm so very excited though!
So I thought it would be a great idea to put a list together of what we are bringing with us.

First of all, I'm huge at taking pictures, so this first item was MUCH needed for me! 
A Waterproof Phone pouch to keep my phone safe and dry.

These pouches are the ones we ordered! For only $8.99?! That's a steal!

Next item, well these are kind of important... TUBES! Well duh!
I will say that the place we are going to to float the river does give you the option to rent some of theirs or you can bring your own. We are just going to use theirs. Less to worry about and lug around!
Also, don't forget an extra tube to put your cooler in!
 I did find these on Amazon for under $15!

The next few items are obviously ones that you absolutely need!
- Swim Suit
- Sunscreen
- Drinks (lots of water!)
- Snacks
- Cooler (to put those drinks and snacks in)
- Small trash bag (to put all your trash in)
- Hat
- Water Shoes
- Towel
- Sunglasses
- Rope (to tie your group's tubes together)

We also ordered this Watertight Box to store our keys, wallet, ID's, and anything else that we don't want to get wet.

Last but not least, you can't forget the tunes!!
Grab a Waterproof Bluetooth speaker off of Amazon and rock out on the river!
Here's some good ones that I found online that have some great reviews for around $30.

We are so excited about this river trip! It's going to be a blast!
Am I forgetting something on this list?
Let me know in the comment!

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