Survived our 1st week as Football Parents

If someone told me it was all fun and games being a football mom, or any sport mom for that matter, I would literally laugh at them!

This is our first year signing up one of our kids up for a sport and man oh man is it exhausting, and to think that we haven't even started spending our Saturdays traveling to different football fields for games.
Y'all it's only been 1 WEEK! (AKA 3 nights of practice)

Rylan has been begging us to play baseball and football the past couple seasons and to be honest it wasn't exactly in our budget to pay the fees plus equipment that is needed. It's so expensive! In fact, we wouldn't have been able to sign Rylan up this year if it wasn't for family helping out. I waited until the last minute for sign ups and just really didn't realize how expensive football equipment was on top of the registration fee. That was MY FAULT for waiting last minute.

So anyways, fast forward to Monday, August 5th.
That was our teams 1st practice.
Rylan was super excited and just couldn't wait!

The coaches wanted them to just wear shorts, their cleats, and helmet that night. The practice went well and he really got lucky with some great coaches for his 1st year of playing football. He learned so much that 1st night!

Tuesday was his 2nd practice and they were dressed in full gear.
Pads, helmet, football pants, and cleats!
I give props to the boys because running around in all that gear and adding our 100+ degree Texas heat to the mix has got to be so exhausting!
I mean just sitting on the sidelines watching them practice we were drenched in sweat.
Anyways, Rylan actually got to do some tackling and practice being a wide receiver that night! So that was really cool!

I have to give big thanks to Michael at being a super hero dad because I have to work Wednesday through Friday nights so he was on his own taking care of everything those nights, plus throwing football practice in the mix on Thursday nights as well.

Rylan is loving football so far, and I guess it helps that a lot of his friends are playing as well.
These nights go by so quick though. Rushing to get to practice, having Rylan change really quick, having practice from 6pm - 7:30 to 7:45ish, getting back home just a little after 8pm, throwing something together for dinner really quick, showers for the kids, and then off to bed.
Makes me tired just thinking about it!

But all in all, I am so excited about this! I am a football mom now!
Rylan's first football game is scheduled to be at the end of August sometime (date to be determined still). But I will definitely update y'all on how that goes!

My question for all you sports moms, how do y'all juggle multiple kids in sports? 
What do you do for dinner? Any fast recipes that we should try?
Let me know in the comments!

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