Headed to the State Fair of Texas Rodeo on Saturday night

After Rylan’s game on Saturday we made plans to go to the State Fair of Texas Rodeo. It was packed with information about some of the greatest bull and bronc riders, great entertainment, and the kids got to meet and get some autographs from some barrel racers and bull fighters at the end!


Saturday was a busy day for us but we made the best of it and got to wind down the night with a good old fashioned Texas rodeo.

We haven’t been to this one though, we usually go to the Mesquite Rodeo. The State Fair of Texas Rodeo is actually in Fair Park at the historic Fair Park Coliseum. After almost 30 years, this Rodeo made it’s return just this last year in 2018. 

It was only $10 per person to get in for general seating, which wasn’t a bad price at all. We purchased our tickets and headed inside. Found some seats and we were ready for the rodeo to start! 

We ended up finding out that a lady siting in the row below us with her two young kids, her husband is a bull rider and was riding that night! Her daughter and Kyleigh hit it off and hung out with each other almost the whole time and then her little boy was the cutest!

The rodeo started, the national anthem was sung by a younger girl and a little boy on a pony came out holding the American flag! This was definitely a great sight to see.

The announcer came out on horse back and started showing old clips of the greatest bull and bronc riders and to our surprise Clyde Frost and his wife was there! If anyone doesn’t know who the Frost family is you need to watch the movie “8 Seconds”. This will give you a little insight to their son, Lane Frost’s life. Such a great movie!

Anyway, they started out with some bronc riding then did some team roping, calf wrestling, had a few different acts that came out into the arena, barrel racing, and last but not least, bull riding.

After the rodeo ended, we were able to take the kids to go meet some barrel racers and bull fighters, get pictures with them, and autographs!

Everyone was so nice and the kids meeting these cowgirls and bullfighters was the highlight of their night!
I’m still editing the YouTube video for this night, but it’ll hopefully be up soon!

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