What I've Been Up To...

Just when I didn't think we could get any busier around here, it definitely did.


It's officially that busy time of the year.
So how about a little catch you up on what has been going on.

Homecoming is coming up next week, so I have gotten back into a little crafting for Rylan's Homecoming Garter and just other crafts in general (more on that later!). I've been busy trying to get a new Instagram page started up and running with one of my good friends, Crystal over at Hall Around Texas, (which by the way, you should check out! We will be sharing all things Target related there! It's called On Target Time). I brought out all our fall and Halloween decorations, and well just life in general is keeping us busy.

I have made a TON of Target trips these past few weeks, more than I can count.
But with Target resetting their Bullseye Playground section with Fall and Halloween stuff, it was definitely needed.
And can we just talk about all their fall clothing they are putting out? GORGEOUS!
Y'all, I'm obsessed with Target. I can't be trusted alone in that place!




This past Saturday Rylan's Football team played in Glen Rose and won their 1st game, WOOHOO!
Go Panthers!







The coaches even took the boys out to pizza and gave them their helmet stickers for winning their first game last night, so that was exciting. The boys are pumped.
All the football parents are going to start getting their Homecoming float ready soon too.
I started on Rylan's garter yesterday and have to take a trip to Michaels this weekend for some finishing touches.

I have done several DIYs that I will be sharing with y'all soon. So stay tuned for that.


Like I said earlier, I decorated for Fall/Halloween and I bought my first ever mums on Tuesday for our front porch. So any feedback for keeping those alive would be awesome. I am not a plant person at all but my heart wants to be so bad!

Other than all that, I think that is it for just a little life update.
What have y'all been up to?

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