Currently... October Round Up

My oh my, here we are at the end of October.
This month flew by! Who am I kidding, this whole year has flown by.
I decided that today would be the perfect time to do a round up of what is currently happening in life.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor from Walmart

Ok, have y'all been to your local Walmart lately? If not, you NEED to go! They are putting out some of the best Farmhouse Christmas decor this year and most of their things are reasonably priced. I am literally blown away! I have a feeling these items are going to go fast.

Tossing My Candles and Wall Plug Ins

I admit, I am that girl that who was absolutely obsessed with scented candles. Just about every chance I got I was buying different scents, especially around the holiday season. This has now all stopped since recently finding out how bad it all is for my family.

Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm - Midlothian, Tx

If you are looking for a great pumpkin patch to take the whole family to, I highly recommend Shadow Creek Pumpkin Patch!

Silobration at Magnolia Market - Waco, Tx

This past weekend was so busy but was jam packed full of fun and family activities!
What I thought would be a normal football game day ended up my dream day.

Visiting the State Fair of Texas

To start off we haven’t been to the State Fair of Texas in about 7 years. That last time was a complete disaster and Michael said we would never go again because it was packed. To say the least, it was a last minute decision and we were oblivious that it was the day of the TX VS OU game. We were shoulder to shoulder with people and trying to navigate a stroller through the crowd was overwhelming. BUT we finally went back this year!

DIY Stamped Book Sets

If you lose track of time scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, I’m pretty certain that you have seen these gorgeous Stamped Books and always have wondered how they make them or just want some yourself. I think these are gorgeous and would definitely make a great gift or personalized decor piece inside of your own home.

Weekend Full of Football (& Birthdays!)

This past weekend was jammed packed and to be honest, I’m glad it’s over. It was just too busy. We really did enjoy everything while doing it but it took us a couple of days to bounce back from all of it. So a little recap on our weekend.


I have barely recovered from all Friday and Saturday Homecoming festivities and here it is Wednesday. I think not feeling well with horrible allergies all last week took a lot out of me as well. But we made the best of it and the kids enjoyed it so much. Living in a small town is just so much fun!

31 Nights of Halloween Movies (Family Friendly!)

It is officially October y'all.
Hello October!
Let the Halloween movies commence.