Silobration at Magnolia Market - Waco, Tx

This past weekend was so busy but was jam packed full of fun and family activities!
What I thought would be a normal football game day ended up my dream day.

I kept seeing posts throughout last week of the Annual Silobration that is held at the Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. Ironically one of my favorite Instagram Influencers would be there as a vendor at the event alongside her husband and son. SO NEAT! But going to this event was only in my dreams, or so I thought.

Turns out, both Rylan and Hunter had a game on Saturday in Hillsboro, which just so happened to be on the way to Waco.

I kept mentioning it to Michael on the way to the football games that morning but that’s literally all we did, talk about it, we didn’t make plans.

Rylan’s football game started at 10:30am and Hunter’s game followed directly after. Rylan’s team ended up losing and Hunter’s team brought home a win. As soon as we piled back into the Jeep Michael looked over at me and asked “where to?” as he always does. Jokingly I told him “Magnolia Market in Waco for the Silobration?” He glanced back at me and said “ok”.  I thought to myself, Um, that’s it? No  ifs, ands, or buts about it?

Soon enough we were back on the highway, South bound 35, on our way to Waco!
I did end up making a deal with Michael that we would go to Cabelas afterwards since he was going to power through the Magnolia Silobration for me. I mean it’s only fair, right? Especially for a man that doesn’t enjoy shopping for Home Decor.

We ended up finding a parking spot on the side of the road by a church so we just parked there and walked to the Magnolia Market.
They were taking extra security precautions this weekend with the big crowd.
Metal detectors and checking bags!

We made it inside after the security check and started looking around the different vendors.

Low and behold the Instagram Influencer that I mentioned earlier, Holly, was right there at the entrance. Y’all, I was totally fan girling!! Her Instagram is Ourfauxfarmhouse and blog is here.  They have a Gourmet Soda company that they run called, Urban Sips + Sweets. Go check out both of their pages and her blog! Cutest little set up ever! And their house is totally my dream house! I saw her y’all! One of my favorite Instagrammers! I’m kicking myself in the booty right now by not asking for a selfie with her but hopefully I will see her again, and I WILL ask! Lol

We found a Ferris Wheel that was offering a complimentary ride and the kids were all about that of course! So that was the first thing that we did after looking through one section of vendors.

Michael rode with both of the kids since Kyleigh wasn’t quite y’all enough to ride by herself without an adult. I stood aside so I could get pictures of them and videos riding it. They loved it.

We finished looking at the rest of the vendor tents and made our way down the street to the new Magnolia Press Coffee Co. We didn’t go inside because there was a long line and with two impatient kiddos that just wasn’t going to happen. I would love to go one day during the week with no kids and make a whole day out of it to visit Magnolia Table, Magnolia Press Coffee Co, Silos Baking Co, and Magnolia Market and just take my time looking at everything. With my kids and hubby in tow they just don’t enjoy it like I do.

Now to the inside of the actual Magnolia Market! They actually had a Christmas section inside already which was beautiful!

After looking around inside, we made our way back outside and into the court yard. A nice gentleman that was running a food truck stopped Rylan and Kyleigh and gave them a ring pop for free. So sweet!

We made our way to the Garden area. I always enjoy looking at their garden. Someday I would love the have raised garden beds and have it look like theirs. So relaxing!

After that, we saw just about all we could see there. 
Now it was time to hold up my end of the deal, Cabelas for the hubby.

I had such an amazing time and I just get so much inspiration from Magnolia Market. That’s why I take tons of pictures when I’m there. 

Like I said I definitely want to go back one day during the week without kids and get the whole experience, and maybe it will be a little less crowded as well.

Have you been to Magnolia Market? Did you go on a weekday or Saturday? What was your favorite part?

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