Visiting the State Fair of Texas

To start off we haven’t been to the State Fair of Texas in about 7 years. That last time was a complete disaster and Michael said we would never go again because it was packed. To say the least, it was a last minute decision and we were oblivious that it was the day of the TX VS OU game. We were shoulder to shoulder with people and trying to navigate a stroller through the crowd was overwhelming. BUT we finally went back this year!

This year we went on Sunday and it was actually the day after the TX VS OU game (we checked when the game was this year!). Both Rylan and Kyleigh were so excited about going.

We got there a little after 11am. We picked up our coupons at the gate and the kids wanted to do a few rides first. We made our first stop to the Texas Star Ferris Wheel. I knew the later that it would get in the day, the longer the line would be. I think we waited in line about 15-20 minutes. We got in and headed to the top. The sights were so beautiful! Although I’m not too fond of heights, I did ok with it except for when the Ferris wheel would pause to let people on/off and our car would rock back and forth. But overall it was really neat! The kids loved it.

We did two rounds on the Ferris wheel and then headed to get corn dogs. So yummy! There’s nothing better than corn dogs at the state fair!

We gobbled those down and the kids wanted to do bumper cars. They also did the big Fun Slide but I didn’t get any pictures.

Next stop was the pig races! Rylan and Kyleigh really enjoyed this show, the All-Star Stunt Dog Show, and the TX Stunt Jam guys. They had so many other activities and shows that we unfortunately didn’t get to make it to. The fair is HUGE and you seriously can’t see it all in a day. We didn’t even get to see the other side of the fair until we were leaving and that was us just walking through to get back to our car.

The kids wanted to go to the petting zoo and they even had a super cute farmer’s market where they got to “plant, harvest, and sell their goods” for a coupon to get a free treat. So neat!

It was such a beautiful day and not too hot!
We grabbed a funnel cake and sausage on a stick too! I mean the fair is all about the food, right?
We didn’t try any of the crazy new fried food though.
We watched the Light Show and the Illumination Parade after it got dark, both were really neat.

Billy Ray Cyrus came on about 8:30pm and the kids we’re excited to hear him sing Old Town Road (of course) but we ended up leaving before he sung it. It was getting late and Michael had to work in the morning and the kids had school. Plus we wanted to beat the crowd from leaving after Billy Ray Cyrus finished.

If y’all have been to the Texas State Fair (or your State Fair) what is your favorite part?

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