Weekend Full of Football (& Birthdays!)

This past weekend was jammed packed and to be honest, I’m glad it’s over. It was just too busy. We really did enjoy everything while doing it but it took us a couple of days to bounce back from all of it. So a little recap on our weekend.


It wasn’t all football but a majority of it was. Our morning started at 7:50am Saturday morning after going to bed past midnight the night before. Rushed to get ready and we were football game bound. 

Both Rylan and Hunter had a game back to back again this weekend. Those games I am thankful for so we can watch them both play, but sitting in the Texas sun and heat on bleachers makes for VERY long games. This weekends games were special because it was considered their homecoming game and both boys had quite a big group of people there to watch them play.

Rylan’s game started around 10:30am that morning so we dropped Rylan off with the rest of his team and coaches and went to grab breakfast from our donut store there in town. Shortly after the breakfast run we sat down and watched the remainder of the freshman teams game (1st and 2nd graders) and their homecoming ceremony. Then Rylan’s game kicked off shortly after.






Rylan’s game ended up being a tie after overtime, 12-12. It was a nail bitter throughout the game, especially at the end, which made for a very good game. They played so hard and did fantastic! 

All the football players and cheerleaders escorts (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) were asked to make their way down to the field sidelines with about 5 minutes left in the game. At the end of the game the announcer called the football players and cheerleaders one by one and also introduced their escorts. The cheerleader and player met in the middle of the field and then walked back to the sideline to get their picture taken together.






I loved getting to do this with Rylan, even though he kept telling me the whole week before he didn’t want to walk with one of the cheerleaders down the field. As you can tell they kept their distance! I remember those days, too funny.

Any who, after that was done Hunter’s game began. They too played a really good game and ended up winning 32-0. They are still undefeated! Woohoo!






Hunter’s mom and sister, Olivia, walked him out during the homecoming ceremony.




I actually got to grab a picture of Rylan, Kyleigh, and Hunter afterwards, which I was really excited about. 


We had to rush to our nephews 1st Birthday party that we were actually late to, but we made it before it actually ended. I wasn’t able to grab any pictures though because he already did his cake and presents before we arrived.

The next day we celebrated Rylan’s 9th Birthday! We woke him up with presents, went to Michael’s moms and step dads to have lunch and cupcakes, then went to Urban Air (a trampoline park), Target afterwards for him to spend his Birthday money his Grandma gave him, and then Buffalo Wild Wings for his Birthday dinner, both his choices.







We have come to realize that doing Birthdays this way is so much more enjoyable for Rylan and Kyleigh. 

It was a great but busy weekend.
I can’t believe my boy is 9 years old!

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