Happy Halloween, 2019

I hope each and everyone of you had an amazing Halloween!
I'm so upset that I couldn't take the kids trick or treating this year, but they had a blast.

I had to work Halloween night so Michael took Rylan and Kyleigh trick or treating solo in his sister's neighborhood last night. Almost every year they have went trick or treating there. Mainly because we live in the country and no one does trick or treating in our neck of the woods, one disadvantage of living out here.

Both of the kids got to wear their Halloween costumes to school, they were excited about that. Kyleigh was Light Fury from How to Train a Dragon: The Hidden World and Rylan was Marshmello from Fortnite.

I managed to grab a few pictures at home before they left to go trick or treating. Michael facetimed me while the kids went to a few different houses to gather candy which made me feel a little better.

Michael reported back to me that they got a ton of candy and they had a lot of fun!
I hope y'all had a safe and fun filled Halloween!

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