Our Most Meaningful Family Pictures

Each year we take family pictures sometime right before the holidays. But I bring a special meaning behind these photos just because I take them myself, with the help of a tripod, each and every year. This year was a little different, and it brought so much more meaning to these photos.

Every year before this year we have always taken our family pictures at other places such as parks, the lake, iconic photo spots, etc. This year we took them in our back pasture. Like I stated earlier this had a special place in my heart this year. Why you ask. Well we have lived at this house for a little over 6 years and those of you that don’t know, we actually do not own this house or land, but are technically “renting” it from Michael’s grandmother in hopes of us buying it from her someday and building our dream house, eventually. And gosh, I can’t wait until that day!

We have around 5 acres. Most of the acreage is covered in mesquite trees. But there are some sections of the land that have very little. This year, I had the genius idea to take pictures in our back pasture. 

I’m not sure why I haven’t thought about doing this before. I mean getting ready and just walking out the back door with photography props in hand sounds so much easier than dragging everyone to the car, loading everything up, and having to worry about the location we are going to take the pictures being busy. 

One day we will look back on these pictures and reminisce them. The pictures we took where one day our forever home will be. Our dream house. The land our kids grew up on. The house our kids grew up in. The land that has held our struggles and hard times, and also our happiest. 


In the mean time, here are the pictures.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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