Texas' #1 Christmas Store

We went to Texas' #1 Christmas Store on Sunday!
It will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit as soon as you walk through the doors, if you're not already. There is SO much stuff to look at that I'm not even sure that I saw it all.

This store is nestled right in the heart of Arlington, Texas. So if you're local, it's a must! So much to see. From Christmas signs, to ornaments, to trees, garlands, stockings and more. They literally have EVERYTHING! They even have some photo opportunity's scattered throughout the store to take pictures of the kids in front of some displays.

I wish I got more pictures of just the decorations, but I did manage to get some video. I'll link that video down at the bottom.

I hope you get the chance to go!
It gave me so many Christmas decorating ideas.

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