Walmart Christmas Wreath Update

I have had this wreath from Walmart for about 7 years now and it was time to update it to match our current decor. It needed a major facelift!

This update was just under $10 for all my supplies, not including the wreath.

It’s so much fun to make things your own by either finding older items and giving it a nice little update, doing complete DIY projects, or just buying plain items and adding things to it.

This wreath came with the pine cones, berries, bells, and twigs already on it. So all I had to do is just add a few more things to it to make it more “me”.

I gathered up a few clip on picks from Walmart in the red and black buffalo check and burlap, and also a cute little snowman ornament.

I first decided to space out the picks to where I wanted them and then just clipped them on to the wreath. 

I loved the idea of using the clip on picks because I can change up this wreath any time I want or from year to year without damaging the wreath itself.

I just love how the wreath came out and now it fits in so well with our Christmas decor!

Here is the video!

I hope I inspired you to update some of your decor instead of going out and buying new!

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