Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Each and every Christmas season consists of taking a stroll around random neighborhoods in the car looking at all the houses decked out in Christmas decor.
I decided to change it up a little this year and incorporate a challenge for the kids/our family!

I bought my Dream Jeep Wrangler!

June 2020 would mark being in the Jeep community for 3 years, and my what a crazy 3 years it will be. I started in the Jeep community with not your “average” Jeep (my Jeep Patriot, Louise), and that I am so thankful for! It has made me appreciate my new Jeep Wrangler that much more!

Why Christmas Traditions Are Important

Whether it's traditions my husband and I used to do as kids or traditions that we have started with our kids, it makes the Holidays that much sweeter!

Easy Do It Yourself All Purpose Thieves Cleaner

It’s that time of the year where germs and sickness is all around, and by gosh, I’m doing everything in my power of keeping that out of my home for not only myself but my kids and Michael as well! 
This is part of the reason I made the switch to essential oils.

Sunday Funday

We had a nice relaxing girls weekend, and it was very much needed!