Easy Do It Yourself All Purpose Thieves Cleaner

It’s that time of the year where germs and sickness is all around, and by gosh, I’m doing everything in my power of keeping that out of my home for not only myself but my kids and Michael as well! 
This is part of the reason I made the switch to essential oils.


Instead of using candles, wall plugins, and harmful cleaning products I decided that I wanted to slowly start transitioning to all natural products from Young Living.
This alone is going to make us feel a lot better!


Why is Young Living Thieves Cleaner so Good?
Thieves is such a incredible blend of Young Living's essential oils and so many benefits are in each and every oil that it includes. It's made up of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary.

Not only is Thieves oil jammed pack full of oils that promote wellness and support your immune system, it is known for using it in so many cleaning products now. I will tell you that I will never use another cleaner again.

You get such an awesome deal with the concentrated Thieves cleaner!
First off, it's ultra concentrated. So for one bottle of the Thieves Cleaner you get many bottles of cleaner. The bottle itself contains 14.4 oz of the concentrated cleaner (426 mL). A cap full is 0.28 oz (8 mL). This means you can make around 50 bottles of cleaner from this one bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner. Talk about an awesome deal!


Thieves Cleaner Recipe
I got my Thieves Household Cleaner in the mail a couple days ago and I’m so excited about it!
This bottle of cleaner is going to go a long way and make SEVERAL spray bottles. More bang for my buck!

For starters, I got this Amber Glass Bottle bundle off Amazon and I’ll get to DIY several things that are made out of my Young Living essential oils.
Here are some of the Roller Ball blends that I made already.
I will also get to make some essential oil sprays and of course a few other different cleaners.

So let’s get started on the Thieves All Purpose cleaner!

You'll Need:
-A Large Glass Amber spray bottle
-Small funnel
-Cap full of Thieves Household cleaner

Like I said above, this bottle of cleaner is going to last you awhile because it’s ultra concentrated so all you are going to need is a cap full of it to make one whole spray bottle.



After you have added the cap full of cleaner to your glass amber bottle you will fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Make sure to leave a little space from the top. Now shake it up and start spraying!


This took me just a couple minutes to make and I literally cleaned my whole house afterwards. I was so excited about this AND it smells ah-mazing!


Do you have a favorite Thieves Cleaner recipe?
Leave a comment and let me know!
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