I bought my Dream Jeep Wrangler!

June 2020 would mark being in the Jeep community for 3 years, and my what a crazy 3 years it will be. I started in the Jeep community with not your “average” Jeep (my Jeep Patriot, Louise), and that I am so thankful for! It has made me appreciate my new Jeep Wrangler that much more!


What started out as a normal Thursday morning going home after a long 12 hour night shift, quickly changed. Michael and I have been talking about trading in the Patriot and it just so happens that our local Jeep dealership was having a trade in special. I won’t get into all the buying/trading in specifics but it was the best thing for our family to trade in the Patriot, of course if all the numbers worked out for us. So I drove to the dealership that morning (2 hours before they opened) and sat in the parking lot. 

My emotions were all over the place. Excitement, sadness, anxiety, and fear. ALL OF IT!

I found my dream Jeep just sitting right there in front of me! A 2020 Bikini Pearl Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. She was gorgeous! 



It just so happens that the Bikini Pearl color is fairly rare and this dealership had 2 Jeeps of this color “on their way” per their website. So seeing one of the two siting in the parking lot I was shocked. It’s like it was meant to be! It arrived early that morning/late the night before the salesman told me.

The dealership opened their doors and in I walked. I met with a salesman and immediately began the process.

I first took a test drive in it and of course fell in love!
Everything about it was perfect!
The color, the drive, the experience.
It had 5 miles on it when I test drove it. So I was the first one to test drive it, crazy!


After being up all night and now half the next day, I signed the papers and left with keys in my hand to my new Jeep Wrangler around 3:30pm. I had just enough time to hurry home and surprise the kids before they got off the bus.

You can see their reaction here!

Rylan was super excited, and I’m thinking Kyleigh was a little shocked/speechless. 

Being awake for 24+ hours straight made this so worth it! If you know me, this was such a long time coming!













I am so excited and happy. I can’t wait to share all of our Jeep adventures! 
So stay tuned!

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