Why Christmas Traditions Are Important

Whether it's traditions my husband and I used to do as kids or traditions that we have started with our kids, it makes the Holidays that much sweeter!


I still remember loading up in the car and riding around looking at Christmas lights, watching our favorite Christmas movie cuddled up on the couch, decorating our Christmas tree together, and SO much more. It's not about the gifts during this time of year, it's making memories with your family and the real meaning behind Christmas, Jesus Christ himself.

Your kids will remember these moments, and who knows, maybe they will pass some of your traditions down to their kids. They won’t remember that toy that they just had to have that you got them a few months from now, much less the new clothes or shoes. Start making memories with them! No matter whether it’s small memories or taking them on a trip, they WILL remember!








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What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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