Celebrating 30!

Michael's birthday was on January 12th.
What started off as a "normal" day ended up being a really good birthday for him.

We started the day having lunch at his mom's house with his mom, step dad, his sister, brother in law, and our sweet nephew. After a very good lunch we had ice cream cake and mini cupcakes. It was SO good!

We left there after spending time with his family and went to K1 Speed in Arlington, TX for some in-door cart racing. Kyleigh and I ended up sitting out this time because she wasn't quite tall enough to drive a go cart herself yet, so it was just Michael and Rylan racing. 


When you first walk through the door it is set up so neat!
They have an actual race car set up and just the whole place is really awesome! The staff was great too!

 We started out signing consents for both Michael and Rylan and then paid for them to ride.
We did the annual membership for the both of them and paid for 1 race for Rylan. The membership  was only $7 and included a free birthday race (Michael got to use his that day), use of their helmets, a free headsock to use and keep to bring to your next visit, and a few other things.

Rylan and Michael walked down to the entrance gate and got all geared up and the staff went over how to operate the go carts with them.





The neat thing about this place was that they have separate races for the adults and the kids. So we didn't have to worry about the kids being "over powered" by the adults. VERY COOL!

Michael raced first with the other adults and finished 3rd. Rylan finished 4th with the kids.
We figured out that it takes your best lap time and places you that way.
We were so confused with that because they kept passing other people but not moving up in place on the screen.

After they both finished racing they got a piece of paper that shows your lap times, places, and the opponents lap times.


They both loved it and can't wait to go back!
Here's the video:

We left there and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat, one of Michael's favorite places.

All in all, he had a great Birthday!
What do you usually do to celebrate Birthday's in your family?

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