I'm back!

I lost all motivation to continue blogging after the beginning of February, but I'M BACK and I'm so glad!
I figured this was the perfect time to jump back in it with everything going on.
So now to catch y'all up on everything that has been going on since the last time I was on here.


Let's see... where to start?

First of all, we had A LOT of things going on with mine and Michael's Jeeps.
From new parts, to Jeep meets, and off-roading.

I took my Jeep off-roading for the 1st time.
I can't even describe the feeling of that time.
Excitement, nervousness, and being scared.
It brought it all, but looking back on it all, I'm so glad I did it!





We had our first Jeep event of the year as well and I got to be at the Atturo Tires booth with my Jeep and that was an experience I would have never thought that I would have. During the 2nd day of that event I took my Jeep off-roading for the 2nd time with some friends.










Aside from all these new and fun experiences, we are now just trying to stay busy and stay well.
Several of the events we were supposed to go to got cancelled and now we are stuck at home, trying to juggle homeschooling the kids, and working (Michael and I both have essential jobs).

It's definitely been an adjustment trying to get our "new normal" figured out and it's a little crazy not knowing how things are going to go with the COVID-19 epidemic, but one thing that I do know is that God's got this, and that right there brings me a little bit of peace.

We are not home bodies by any means and honestly the last two weeks since the stay at home order took place I have only left the house once to go run to the bank and post office, of course aside from going to and from work.

I miss watching my kids get on their school bus each morning. I miss my long walks at Target just looking at all the new things that they have out. I miss our weekends filled with shopping and eating out. I miss our friends. I miss it all.

I'm so ready for things to go back to normal y'all!
Stay safe, stay home, and do your part!

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