Vintage Farmhouse Laundry Room Project

We won't have too much more time in our current home, maybe 3ish months tops, HOPEFULLY. 
But I have had this project planned for our laundry room for about a year now. So I finally got the finishing items to complete it over the weekend. Nothing else much to do around here other than to add more projects to our plates. But all humor aside, the project was less than $5 and honestly not sure why I waited so long to do this. It turned out adorable!

There isn't really a need for instructions on this project because it's THAT easy! 
I ended up finding these cute laundry room prints on the internet and I just printed them out in 5X7 size and I printed them in black and white to give the background a gray look. I have had these printed out for about a year y'all! I just needed the frames. Don't you just love starting a project and then not going through with it all. It happens to me all the time.

But I'll link these prints below.

Then I hit up my local Dollar Tree and purchased three black frames that were $1 each.
I found some frames that had a 5X7 mat already in them and that worked out perfectly.

I didn't even worry about cutting out the prints. I just folded the paper and stuck the prints in the frames, and it was perfect.

I literally had no decor in my laundry room, because let's face it, it's my least favorite place in our house. But these three framed prints gave it a little bit of character.

Now I'm inspired to add more to it. Michael is going to be thrilled.
Maybe he will approve if I do it on a budget. 

Anyways, I hope that this inspires you to add a little to your laundry room.
Happy decorating!

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