We started a garden!

A little over a month ago we started some different seeds in little planters we got and they definitely took off, they quickly needed to be replanted. They didn’t last long in those tiny little planter pots!


We knew we eventually wanted to build a raised garden but that time came much more quickly than we thought! So last week Michael got home from work and quickly put together a raised garden. 

We needed to get cow manure and top soil so it sat like that for several days. Finally, on Mother’s Day we picked up some soil, manure, and a jalapeƱo and bell pepper plant from our local Walmart.



What a more perfect day to spend putting together our first raised garden. 




It may not be the prettiest most perfect garden in the world, but it’s our first and we did it together!
We now have 4 types of peppers, and carrots growing. Also we just started some corn seeds a few days ago.



I will try and keep y’all updated on the progress.I can’t wait to see everything really come to life here in the next several weeks.
Until then, make sure you are following us over on Instagram at @lifeonbackforty .

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