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DIY Essential Oil Roller Blends

I have known about essential oils for a while but little did I know that they are so much more than just diffusing them in a diffuser.
Once I started mixing oils together to diffuse, I wanted to dive on in and create my first roller ball blends. So that’s exactly what I did.

Getting Started with Young Living

I have always been that girl that had wall plugins in just about every outlet throughout our home, candles burning in just about every room... until now. I got rid of all my wall plugins, sold my wax warmers and made the switch!
I recently found out how horrible those things are for you and for you to be breathing them in. So I made the switch over to essential oils. But not just any oils, Young Living essential oils.

Walmart Christmas Wreath Update

I have had this wreath from Walmart for about 7 years now and it was time to update it to match our current decor. It needed a major facelift!


Texas' #1 Christmas Store

We went to Texas' #1 Christmas Store on Sunday!
It will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit as soon as you walk through the doors, if you're not already. There is SO much stuff to look at that I'm not even sure that I saw it all.

Our Most Meaningful Family Pictures

Each year we take family pictures sometime right before the holidays. But I bring a special meaning behind these photos just because I take them myself, with the help of a tripod, each and every year. This year was a little different, and it brought so much more meaning to these photos.